Superior Douglas County Family YMCA


The Y has many opportunities for active older adults to enrich their lives, and improve their health & well-being. Social health is as important as physical health, and each can improve by involving yourself with any of our many programs.


Do you want to improve or maintain your quality of life? The socially-oriented programming will allow you to take greater control of your health. You will have fun, make friends, and improve your fitness. Are you afraid of falling? Each of the exercise classes offer seated support, and there’s a class that’s just right for YOU!

Monthly Social Events

Each month you can participate in a special, fun event at the YMCA geared towards all active older adults. These events are free of charge. Check the flyer for the schedule of events.

Water Excercise

The Y has a warm water pool that’s perfect for gently exercising those Rusty Hinges! Take it easy on your joints as you join in the fun, fitness, and the social aspect of aquatic exercise. For a complete description of water classes please check out the Program Guide.


If you have a few hours that you’d like to use for sharing yourself and your talents, we can give you that time. Opportunities are available in childcare, SilverSneakers©, Operation Christmas Child, and more… you name it! Inquire at the Front Desk or click here for more information.